Artist Bio – Scott & Jill Stowers

Scott and Jill Stowers own and operate a 25 acre farm and homestead in Nashville, IN. They started as a woodworking business over a decade ago but have evolved into so much more. Today they offer woodworking, soap and skincare products, jams, jellies, syrups, hot sauces, baked goods, fresh produce and more.

They use only sustainably sourced lumber, primarily from local sources, for their woodworking items. These items are created based on whim and inspiration and may include anything from hand carved figures, spoons and walking sticks, games, and novelties to one of a kind tables and lamps. Small batch artisan soaps are created by hand using high quality, natural and sustainable ingredients. They harvest and purify rainwater, dry and powder leaves and flowers grown on their land, and may even use some lard from the hogs raised on pasture. Their soap, shave bars, shampoos, and sprays begin with sustainability in mind and have been meticulously crafted and honed to perfection over time.

Artisan jams with local flavor combinations are created in small batches and packaged on farm for your enjoyment. Savory jams offer a tangy addition to your charcuterie! Syrups are created from primarily native fruits, all grown on farm or locally foraged. Their hot sauces are like none you can find in the store. The peppers are started from seed saved year after year from their gardens, and tended to full flavor before being combined in unique combinations to please a range of heat preferences.